Celebrity Fit

How often have you spotted a celebrity diet or workout and just wanted to know exactly who your favorite actor got into such great shape?
Probably, like most of us, all the time.

Whether it’s a magazine cover that says something to the effect of “secrets of celebrity bodies” or a workout named after an actor or actress in conjunction with a movie that was recently completed (i.e. the “300” workout or the “Wolverine” workout), you simply can’t look away at just how these famous bodies were transformed and wonder to yourself if there’s something you can do to emulate that success.

The answer is yes, you can have that body but no, it isn’t going to come from following the diet or workout of a celebrity.

At least not realistically.

We get caught up in the amazement that is Chris Pratt and his new body, Jennifer Lopez and her timeless figure or how you can see a celebrity with a huge, chubby belly one week and a month later, they look like they’re in the best shape of their lives.

They are, but that’s because they have a nutritionist, a trainer, maybe even a live in chef, and something even more important: all day to exercise and pick and choose their food.

Granted, we all don’t have that kind of time, nor should we expect to be able to have food prepared for us by someone else and that makes that celebrity diet and body that much more unattainable.

The real issue isn’t so much wanting to get in shape but the idea that you shouldn’t do the comparison shopping when you’re talking about getting your body the way you want it. So when you say “yes” you can have that celebrity body, it just means that you can take what they do, eating and exercise wise, and modify it to fit your lifestyle from a time perspective and also realistic results.

When Hugh Jackman gets ready to be “Wolverine,” or Pratt is pinpointing his next action movie role as the next “Jurassic Park” starts to film, that is their job, and they can spend seven hours per day doing cardiovascular work on a treadmill or weights and CrossFit till the sun comes up.

We don’t have that ability given that working out isn’t what we do for a living, so when we spot a body on a magazine or television we want, go for it. But make sure it’s done with eyes wide open.