Weighted Concerns: Why overweight couples struggle with fertility

Difficulty getting pregnant for most women can be linked to anything from heredity to diet and everything in between. But a more recent study suggests that fertility and obesity can have an adverse affect on pregnancy too, and not just for women.

A woman who is considered obese does have a harder time conceiving a child, but men also play a key role in this fertility debate, particularly when both the male and female fall under the guise of “obese.”

It’s not secret that obesity is becoming an epidemic, especially in the United States. What once was a weight classification that had a small percent of individuals part of it has now grown to be close to 50 percent of the population.

Poor diet, income and stress have been attributed to more individuals falling into the obese category, and couples who are considered obese also don’t exactly have an easy bath to conceiving a child.

Extra weight on women, for example, means your ovulation isn’t always functioning at a premium level and the more obese a male is could diminish his sex drive and testosterone production.

Couples who are obese take 60 percent longer to conceive versus those who aren’t considered obese. Keep in mind that obese and overweight are two different categories as far as weight in concerned, with obesity meaning that your day to day activities, life and functionality are at risk, and your body mass index is well off the charts.

For men, a BMI (body mass index) of 30 is considered obese, while women is around the same number for their BMI. Morbidly obese is around 40 plus for BMI. Around 30 percent of woman in the United States fall under the “obese” tag, while a staggering 41 percent are men.

Leading fertility experts are hoping they can assist obese couples in being able to achieve pregnancy, but you’d like to think that the real assist comes from within with a change in diet. If an obese couple conceives, then the attention turns to cancers, heart disease and diabetes in the man and the woman and how that affects the ability to parent on a number of levels, with something as simple as activities after school or just helping cook, dress and take care of a child.

The end result could be fertility specialists working toward a solution, but men and women alike who are trying to conceive might also want to start the ball rolling on their side of the court, too.