Time Sensitive: Losing weight doesn’t take hours in gym

Exercise and losing weight are topics that are filled with myths.

From whether or not you should work out in the morning to wondering if eating carbs is good or bad, or the constant debate about weight training being a bad thing since you’ll build big, bulky muscles, working out ironically could be less taxing then figuring out what to believe.

But as much as misnomers make for interesting chatter, you’ll tend to get bogged down on the discussion if you’re not seeing results or are having trouble getting started as far as what to do and how to ultimately lose weight.

One fact remains about exercise, often overlooked for a number of reasons: you don’t have to spend hours and hours in the gym or at home working out to lose weight. The key to weight loss is caloric difference, meaning you are taking in less calories then you were previously and that exercise plays a role in burning them off.

Exercise is about heart rate, not sitting around and moving to burn those same calories versus the alternative of doing nothing. The average person exercises, or should, for 60 minutes per week.

Per week; that’s right not 60 minutes in a day or even 60 minutes by Wednesday after work but rather for the entire week. The obesity epidemic isn’t about individuals who work out for a few minutes a day but those who are getting absolutely zero minutes in as far as time spent working out.

So when you hear another myth, the one that states you can work out for 10 minutes every day and still benefit, is actually one you can’t debunk. Now, you could argue that those 10 minutes aren’t going to make much difference as far as weight loss goes but again that would be short sighted on your part. Any sort of physical activity, coupled with a diet filled with vegetables, protein and minimal starches (and yes this diet is the key) is going to jump start your metabolism into thinking it’s about to run a 5K when in actuality you may have just done some light weight training or walked around the neighborhood a few times.

Yes, that’s it everyone. Those 10 minute per day workouts hardly are worth skipping. In fact, they seem like the most realistic and adequate place to get started.

And at the end of the day, getting started or doing just a few minutes a day might just be better then what you’re doing now and be the catalyst to can the excuses of not enough time and find a way to a healthier you.