Main Stays: Why fitness is often over complicated

Far too many voices when all you need is a little direction.

That is the best way to describe the fitness industry as a whole. From personal trainers to experts, television doctors and your best friend who thinks they’re a gift from God in the gym, everyone has an opinion on how to get healthy, lose weight and feel better about themselves.

Talk about totally being confused, overwhelmed and totally lost as far as who to believe and what to do, and a lot of that insanity leads to the masses making a play to exercise and try to lose weight, but getting lost along the way with too many voices in their ear and no real direction as far as what exactly they’ll need to do within the confines of the gym.

What is even more disheartening is that exercise and losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult. What you need to focus on are the staples, the exercise we all can do and should always be part of your daily routine. The white noise that surrounds you while you’re trying to figure this all out tends take hold of you more so than keeping it simple.

And in some cases, these exercises can be done without even leaving your living room or house.
How about those squats? These are simple bends at the knees, rear end out and head forward is enough to work everything from the waist down. It works the glutes, your hamstrings and quads, making everything tone and tight.

From toning and tightening to sticking with the “P’s” and that are pull ups, planks and pushups. These three exercises are certain muscle builder and weight loss winners. Planks work on your core, stomach muscles and tighten those would be flabby abs. Pushups work the chest, triceps and biceps and will not only tone your chest but also all parts of your arms.

The pull-ups are another multi dimensional exercise, working biceps, shoulders and back.

The trick to taming your exercise demons is to not only block out everyone else’s opinion but also to find exercise that incorporate body weight and work multiple muscles at once. All of the aforementioned ones accomplish that and even better can be modified for even those who aren’t as adept as holding their own body weight or might not have the strength to do it all on their own.

That won’t matter much with these moves, which won’t make you more confused when you’re about to head toward achieving goals that previously were muddied by multiple sources telling you what to do.