Hungry Eyes: Certain Foods Make You Starving

big breakfast

Most of the time when you eat, you expect to feel full and satisfied.

That isn’t always the case when you’re talking about certain food or drinks, some of which tend to only make you feel hungrier, rather than do what is intended.

Take the salty snacks you love to gobble down while you’re watching sports or waiting for the main course at a party or get together. Not only are chips, pretzels and peanuts going to make you thirsty for more to drink but they’re also not quite hunger busters, either.

Also on the list of foods that aren’t going to do you any favors if you’re trying to eat less is white bread and pasta that isn’t whole wheat. Your blood sugar goes into nearly extinction mode, and despite all the talk of pasta and carbohydrates leaving you feeling full, that isn’t going to be the case with white bread and pasta.

And if you’re going to pair that white bread sandwich or pasta with a beverage, you might want to pick something in the vein of water rather than alcohol. The latter won’t make you feel full, sick perhaps, but definitely not to the point where you want to stop eating. In fact, alcohol makes you feel that much hungrier one beer or mixed drink after another.

One menu item that customers of all shapes and sizes gravitate toward is sushi, namely the rolls. From the California Roll to the Spicy Tuna flavor, sushi rolls are equal parts expensive but so delicious when paired with a side of soy sauce and ginger. But even dozens upon dozens of rolls only is going to lead you back to the take out menu after only a few hours. Sushi tends to digest rather quickly and only an hour or two after eating up to 12-15 rolls, you’ll be starving again for certain.

The soy sauce also isn’t helping matters, either as the sodium content is going to act in the same vein as the aforementioned salty snacks. If you want to try something else from the Chinese food menu, think again because MSG might be worse than the sushi rolls when it comes to making you feel hungry.

If you’re expecting that nice, full feeling after a meal, you want to steer clear of salt, sushi and any carbohydrate that looks and tastes processed or refined. In other words, stick to fruits, vegetables, greens and high protein diets, food that often is associated as “bird food” or the kind that doesn’t stick to your ribs.

That couldn’t be further from the truth and thinking that way is only going to leave a bad taste in your mouth.