Three Exercises that Don’t Break the Bank

Looking for ways to exercise without spending money? A gym or fitness center is the best place for a person to receive a full-body workout. Fitness centers can also provide a person with aerobic classes, Yoga classes, personal training and the like. However, most fitness centers have monthly fees that are between $30 and $50 a month. A struggling single parent or an unemployed individual may not have the funds to pay for such a membership. The following are three exercises that one can do to start losing weight and shaping up:

Bicycle Riding

Most gyms have stationary bicycles at their locations. A frugal fitness buff can burn more calories riding a real bike than he or she can on a stationary bicycle. A person who already has a bicycle does not have to spend a dime. He or she can burn approximately 500 calories during a one-hour session of bicycling between 12 and 14 miles per hour. The person can increase the number of calories burned by choosing uphill locations to cycle. Additionally, bicycling tones the leg muscles, and it gives a person an opportunity to explore new sites.

Home Racquetball

Racquetball is a sport that a person can play with a ball and a racquet. Any stable horizontal platform such as a garage door can serve as the target for the ball. The objective of a solo game of fitness-oriented racquetball is to get as much exercise as possible swinging at the ball and running after it to hit it back against the platform repeatedly. Racquetball can tone a person’s leg and arm muscles as well as provide that person with cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise always increases the heart rate and burns calories. The average amount of calories that a person can burn within an hour’s time is approximately 400 calories.

Shooting Hoops

A person with a basketball can find an area to shoot hoops at most public schools and parks. Many of these public basketball courts are open all hours of the night. Shooting hoops consists of throwing the basketball at the hoop without any other game play. Hoop shooting can be a fun activity for a person who is by himself or herself trying to burn calories. A 30-minute session of hoop shooting can burn approximately 200 calories.

Many creative calorie-burning activities exist. The key is for a person to take an inventory of the items around the house that could be useful in an exercise activity.